Cucina Gourmet e piatti della tradizione napoletana al Tiberius di Pompei

The Kitchen

Chefs prefer Mediterranean cuisine enriched by some fusion touches. Wholesome products, attention to detail and a friendly atmosphere are the Tiberius’ ingredients to assure glee to your free time


The wood-fired oven

Hot and steaming, the real Neapolitan pizza arrives at the table fragrant. From the classic to the most elaborate, many flavors to suit the mood and personality of each. And yet, so many varieties of breads, cakes and pies with that unique taste that only a wood-fired oven can give.


The local products

On the hill, amid vineyards and gardens, the Tiberius proposes a magic corner for tasting the so-called Zero Km food: meats, cheeses, vegetables from the kitchen garden and many other flavors consciously grown. The extensive wine list will complete this experience of gusto (taste).



Intense scents of chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon and candied fruit spring from the pastry lab. Here, mellow sweet delights are prepared and served as dessert or to accompany a tea or coffee break. 
Local and Italian delights such as sfogliatelle [puff pastry filled with ricotta and candied fruit], caprese [chocolate, cocoa and almonds brownie], the lemon delight [ mini sponge cakes filled and topped with a smooth lemon custard] and babà, just to name a few, are the flagship of our chef. However, he will amaze you also with some international gem.



A fancy way to eat fish, meat and veggies is by our barbecue corner. 

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