Wine Tasting

The Garden of the Senses is dedicated to promoting the traditions that characterize the culture of our country. Surrounded by the beauty of the villa of Diomedes on the one hand, and from the Gulf on the other hand, an expert winemaker will take you into our garden to attend a special introduction to the vineyards of native grape. Follow, then, a tasting of red and white wines, accompanied by local products. Meats, fresh and aged cheeses, honey and jams will be the surplus for this sensory experience that will delight the palate of experts and not, simply designed for those who want to spend a magical experience in the heart of Pompeii with a good glass of wine in his hands. Minimum 25 participants. Duration: 60/90min

Pompei 79 - The atmosphere of ancient Pompeii

A journey through time to experience the famous ancient Roman Convivium . The Mysteries of Living room is the best suited to celebrate the Convivium , for the frescoes of the Master Gracchus and a large red wall that fully represents the style of ancient Pompeii. The event will be hosted by various theatrical images with the esecuzioneper entire evening of instrumental songs , dances and recitations dating back more than two thousand years ago . The exhibition will be curated by Synaulia , professionals who have brought to life the spirit of cheerful people who lived in an era full of happiness and liveliness. On arrival guests will be greeted by the patio terrace, together with the light and the white cotton sheets , incandescent torches on tripods in a bright red flaming . Here, maids adorn his head with laurel wreaths molsum offering the traditional wine and appetizers.
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