Neapolitan Pizza Lesson

The group will be welcomed at room equipped with a wood stove. Our leading intellectuals pizza will make a brief introduction about the origins of pizza, will provide instructions for preparing the ingredients, the dough and baking in a wood oven. Next, you will be provided with a table to work the ingredients for groups of 10 and then bake. The pizzas baked so can be consumed. During the lesson, you will be served an orange juice of Vesuvius, a drink or wine.

Unravel Dyonisus Mistery

Villa dei Misteri is a rustic residential complex dating from the second century. A.C. scenic location in the excavations of Pompeii. Ten o'clock in the triclinium depicts scenes of the cult of Dionysus, a series of initiatory rites through which the believer access to the mysteries of securing a new status and a divine happiness. All participants will meet at the Living Room of Mysteries at the restaurant Tiberius and here we will explain the rules of the game. At the end of the ceremony lunch will be served.
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